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Craft Food & Wine Festival shines the light on the best of Memphis

2019 Craft Food and Wine Festival

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) — It’s a food festival bya Memphian for Memphians.

The Craft Food & Wine Festival was created with thelocal food lover in mind.

Cristina McCarter is the founder of the fledgling culinarycelebration which she started last year and has blossomed into a 2-sessionevent with more than a thousand expected to attend.

“It was one of those things I had in my phone assomething I wanted to do one day, and here we are,” said McCarter.

Knowing good food and where to find it in Memphis isMcCarter’s business.

“I love any restaurant that takes it another step toalso get their products from local farmers and my love for cheese boards andcharcuteries,” said McCarter.

Charcutie is simply the name for assembling meats and othermeat products, often accompanied by toast, fruit, and cheese all delicious andnothing to be intimidated by explains Chef Chip Dunham of East Memphis’ GroveGrill.

“If someone puts the board in front of me and I think it’svery simple I’ll try a piece of the meat on its own, taste it, enjoy it forwhat it is,” said Dunham. “Then I like to add different layers to itlike you see on the board here, mustard and pickles you could add to it andcombine all the different flavors is a lot of fun.”

If you go, you can also expect wine, beer and cider pairingsfrom Dunham and the more than 40 other chefs and food vendors at this year’sfestival that will fill The Columns at One Commerce Square.

Add to all of that a DJ, live music, and your very owncutting board with a wine wedge all at a modest ticket price starting at $60.

“I wanted it to be something that if I wanted to go tothe festival it’s something I could see myself buying a ticket to,” saidMcCarter.

The Craft Food & Wine Festival is Sunday June 23 with a4 to 6:30 pm tasting and another from 6:30 to 9 pm. Hurry, tickets are goingfast.