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Family of Darrius Stewart, teen shot and killed in 2015 by former Memphis Police officer, wants case to be reopened

The family has filed a new civil lawsuit against former MPD Officer Connor Schilling


Friday marks five years since the death of Darrius Stewart, and his family has made a public push to reopen the case.  

Former Memphis Police Officer Connor Schilling shot Stewart twice July 17, 2015, during a traffic stop and arrest in Hickory Hill.  

A Shelby County Grand Jury declined to indict Schilling on criminal charges despite a recommendation of Voluntary Manslaughter by Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich 

Darrius Stewart was killed in front of New Direction Church on Winchester Road. Friday, the family and supporters gathered here to honor his memory. Mary Stewart, Darrius Stewart’s mother says she’s frustrated because her family still hasn’t received justice.  She was visibly upset.  

“Shot him twice in the chest and once in the back. An unarmed 19-year-old because he didn’t have any identification, she said.  

Stewart publicly shared her disappointment in her son’s case. The Stewart family filed a civil lawsuit in 2016, but the City of Memphis was dropped from that lawsuit. 

“Because they are the ones who employed him so therefore, they are liable for his actions when he killed my son, Stewart said. 

The family filed a new lawsuit earlier this year against Schilling. Stewart’s father, Henry Williams, says the events that are happening across the nation, like the death of George Floyd bring back painful memories.   

This right here happened way before George Floyd but you know I’m not blaming people for what happened, but I appreciate what’s going on now people are looking at what’s happening out there, Williams said. 

According to a TBI report, Darrius Stewart was wanted on warrants out of Iowa. 

The U.S. Justice department also reviewed Darrius Stewart’s case but determined there wasn’t enough evidence to charge former MPD Officer Schilling with a federal crime.

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The family and supporters rallied to raise awareness of Stewart’s case in hope of getting it back reopened.   

“If you tap them on the hand you let them (police) go but we the ones that got to suffer because we’re the ones that lose our kids, Williams said. 

Officer Schilling retired from MPD with disability pay.  The family says they are working on another lawsuit but didn’t give specifics. 


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