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'I just hope I can keep going': Quinnterrion Hollins explains his journey to being a Fairley football standout

Quinnterrion Hollins has scored 17 touchdowns ahead of week six of high school football.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some athletes assume to be successful they need to play for bigger programs.

However, Quinnterion Hollins is proving being successful is not determined by where you are but who you are.

This year, one of the top athletes in Shelby County is a true freshman.

Hollins has racked up 17 touchdowns coming into week six of the season.

And his biggest motivator has been there to witness every single one.

“She’s like, 'go Quin, go Quin', and I’m just running down the field. When she says it, it just makes me happy 'cause I know she’s there,” said Hollins.

At the age of five, Quinnterrion went to his mom asking to play football, without hesitation, she found a team. 

Hollins quickly became a stand-out running back, leading Havenview to a state title.

All while coach Fred Copeland watched from the sidelines.

“I knew last year when I watched Quinnterrion, he was going to be special,” said Copeland.

Copeland said Hollins has not only affected the team on the field, but off as well.

Proving to his teammates that success is possible at a school in a smaller division.

“He’s accepted the role that we’ve placed on him, and by this time now he’s no longer a freshman in our eyes, he’s ready to play now he’s a veteran,” said Copeland.

Despite his early accomplishments, Hollins is focused on the road ahead

Understanding that for him, the job is not done until he’s made his team and his family proud.

“I hope I can keep going with it. Keep going with football and get my momma out of the situation she’s in and my siblings,” said Hollins.

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