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Former U of M Football Player Shaun Rupert Release Tweet To Address Arrest

He released a tweet with the following statement to address the incident.

University of Memphis starting football player Shaun Rupert has been kicked off the Tigers team after being arrested on burglary, robbery, and weapons charges. 

He released a tweet with the following statement to address the incident: 

“I know I have been an embarrassment and if you know me you know this is not me or what I stand for. If you knew the whole situation you wouldn’t look at it the way you are. One mistake doesn’t define me. Don’t judge me because I sinned a little differently than you. I’m heartbroken from this because I know how many people love me and were rooting for me and I’m truly sorry. My journey is not over though. They say it gets darkest right before the light shines. I believe God put me through this to be an example to others because I can handle it. If you love me pray for me, if you don’t know me don’t judge me. This is not the end of my story.”

The Senior Safety is accused of stealing jewelry and electronics from an apartment in the 500 block of Brister Street in May. The victim, a U of M student, told police he was too scared to report it at the time, but did when he saw the stolen items for sale online.