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Frustrated Voter Records Faulty Voting Machine

Early voting is underway in Shelby County and one voter was having a hard time voting for one particular candidate. His video has been making the rounds on...
Frustrated Voter Records Faulty Voting Machine_20160728025703

There are problems at the polls and it’s all caught on camera.

Early voting is underway in Shelby County and one voter was having a hard time voting for one particular candidate.

The voter was attempting to vote for chancellor candidate Jim Newsom, but the screen kept checking Joe Jenkins, the candidate’s name above it.

The video shows it took him three attempts to get the right candidate.

Local 24 was able to track down the man behind the cellphone. He didn’t want to talk on camera but he said this all happened Tuesday at the Greater Lewis Street Baptist Church.

He says before he even started recording, he made at least five attempts. It kept going to the wrong name, and he would have cast his ballot for the wrong person if he hadn’t caught it on the review page. So he says he posted the video to warn others.

After seeing the video, Shelby County voters had mixed reactions.

“Does this make you concern about voting? Oh, yes. Absolutely,” said one voter.

“Of course, because how do you know you’re voting for the right person?” said another voter.

“Maybe it was just the way of his positioning to actually press his fingers on the computer,” noted one voter.

This video has been making the rounds on social media with thousands of views and dozens of shares. And it caught the eye of one attorney.

“The first thing I said was, ‘wait a minute.’ First, why is something being posted from the election booth?” said attorney Vincent Perryman.

Tennessee law prohibits anyone from recording or taking photographs inside a voting booth.

“Now do I think anything malicious is going on here? Probably not. After watching it I think it’s a malfunctioning booth. Hopefully, the election commission takes it seriously enough to say, ‘Hey, we have a problem here.’” said Perryman.

The Shelby County Election Commission is aware of this video and the incident. We were told the poll worker immediately shut down that machine and someone from it came to check it out.

“We encourage voters to ask the poll workers for help if they have concerns at all about their ballots or a machine’s operation,” said Shelby County Administrator Linda Phillips.

“The story here, really, is pay attention to what you’re doing in the voting booth to make sure the technology is doing what it’s supposed to do,” advised Perryman.  

Perryman offers this bit of advice when voting. Select the “larger text.” That should make it easier to make the right selection. And Shelby County election officials warn that these machines are not always perfect. Pay close attention to that review page before you press “cast ballot.”