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Germantown Mayors Race Is An Appointment About Apartments

Consider voting an appointment to make let your opinion be known, some say. In this case, it's an appointment over apartments, as two men want to be Mayor o...
Germantown Mayors Race Is An Appointment About Apartments

I worked at a TV station once when a producer of a newscast asked for video of Germantown. 
The person who did the editing put in pictures of the Berlin Wall, thinking she said she wanted pictures of a German town. 
Well there’s no Berlin Wall over here, but there is a heck of a mayor’s race going on right now.

We drove down one street.
We found signs.
Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.
Some for incumbent Mayor Mike Palazzolo, some for challenger John Barzizza.
And there’s one big issue, he says.
“The number one issue with the people today is the apartment issue. It’s really got people stirred up in a big way.”

The current mayor approved projects that include about 1,200 more apartments.
Not good says Barzizza.
“With free standing apartments,” he says, “… comes an influx of population that may or may not even reside in the apartment, but those children will be in our school system.”

He wants growth, property taxpayer growth.
“We want all comers,” says Barizza. “We want all comers. We don’t care where they’re from or who they are, but as far as I’m concerned, I want people who have skin in the game.”

Recently a Germantown Alderman claimed he had been threatened by, in his words, an avid supporter of Barizza.
Three officials have reportedly taken out restraining orders against this woman, who Barzizza says is not a friend or even an avid supporter.
“I know the woman when I see her,” he says, “I don’t know the woman.”

We did reach out to incumbent Mayor Mike Pallazolo to offer him time for an interview.
He hasn’t called us back. If and when he does, we will give him the same opportunity his opponent John Barzizza got.

Things start to get serious next week. Next Wednesday to be exact, when early voting begins.