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GoFundMe Account For Memphis Now At More Than $50,000

Once state legislators decided to cut $250,000 out of a bicentennial celebration budget for Memphis, people got angry. Some members of the General Assembly say ...
GoFundMe Account For Memphis Now At More Than $50,000

It should come as no surprise. Legislators in Nashville predicted it, saying once the statues of Nathan Bedford Forrest and Jefferson Davis in Memphis came down, they’d be coming down on the City of Memphis. And they did.

The story is now known across the country.
After the city of Memphis took down Confederate statues last December after finding a loophole in the law, legislators were angry.

If the city wanted to be that way, the Tennessee House of Representatives would punish them, and cut a quarter of a million dollars from a bicentennial celebration fund.

“Some of them strongly disagreed with our position,” says Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland, “… and we knew something might happen. We’ve been working against it, so it’s not completely unexpected.”

This is where this story gets crazy.
When was the last time you heard about people giving their money to a city.
This doesn’t even happen in the movies.
But it happened here.

Memphis resident Brittney Block created a GoFundMe account for the city, saying, “I saw a need in the community after hearing just basically chit chat back and forth online that people were interested in donating to get that money back to our community after it was stripped away.”

In two days, Brittney Block’s idea has exploded.
More than $50,000 has been donated to Memphis on her GoFundMe page.

“We have a meeting set up with the young lady who created it Friday,” Mayor Strickland says. “The plans for our bicentennial have not been set in stone yet, as we were working on Martin Luther King 50 commemorations, so we have some time.”

Money is even coming from politicians, like Memphis City Councilman Ed Ford, Junior.

“I put about $250 of my own dollars in,” Ford says. “I put my money where my mouth was.”