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Here's how college students can receive up to $1000 per semester in grant funding

Students who meet eligibility requirements can apply for COMPLETE grants through tnAchieves, which pay up to $1000 per semester towards necessities.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Additional financial assistance through tnAchieves in now available for TN Promise students who need just a little more cushion to cover the cost of the college education expenses.

Students who meet eligibility requirements for TN Promise can apply for COMPLETE grants through tnAchieves, which pay up to $1000 per semester towards necessities like computers, tools, books, transportation, food and other items that if not available, can interfere with a student’s academic success.

Select colleges and universities participate in the CoMPLETE grant funding. 

tnAchieves is a is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that affords students scholarship money and mentorship. The nonprofit partners TN Promise program in 83 Tennessee counties.

The COMPLETE grant funding program was modeled after the Knox Promise pilot program that was launched in 2019, which Krissy DeAlejandro, the tnAchieves President and CEO, said was a success.

DeAlejandro explained the impact complete funding will have on student progress.

“Results from our Knox Promise pilot are clear; students are much more successful when they have access to a COMPLETE coach and grants to ease the cost of college attendance,” DeALejandro said. “Students who are hungry or cannot afford tools for the TCAT or books for class have a very real disadvantage. tnAchieves COMPLETE provides a more level playing field.”

Students who receive the grant will also have access to tnAchieves COMPLETE coach who will help them make a smooth transition into college and provide guidance to ensure success.

To apply for the tnAchieves COMPLETE grant, click here

To view the tnAchieves and TN Promise checklist, click here

For more information about tnAchieves and its programs, visit www.tnAchieves.org or contact tnAchieves President CEO, Krissy DeAlejandro at (865) 621-9223.

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