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You aren't alone, thousands of MLGW bills have been delayed by the utility company

“We’re not going to be contributing to this backlog any longer, ” MLGW President and CEO Doug McGowen said.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thousands of MLGW customers continue to wait for their bills. The utility company says this is because of the meters on the side of customers' homes, failing to register the correct usage of water and gas. 

When this happens, the company has to hold the customer’s bill. This is impacting almost 19,000 customers. 

Some have been waiting for their bill anywhere from one to four months.

“I think that the increase of these meter exceptions was overcome by those last two weeks; last week of December, first week of January by the recovery from the rolling blackouts and the water crisis,” said MLGW President and CEO Doug McGowen, adding there is about 50,000 exceptions in its backlog, 

“We’re not going to be contributing to this backlog any longer,” he said.

According to the utility company, there are 6,000 water meters that need to be replaced and 7,800 “wrigglers,” which help track the usage on the gas meter.

While crews are working to replace the broken parts, MLGW has updated its policy and will no longer be holding the bills, instead sending out estimations.

“For the utility not that did not register, we will send an estimated usage based on your last 12 months, and that will be a conservative estimate,” McGowen said.

Customers may receive multiple bills at once, but MLGW is working to find a solution. Those with inquiries can simply call (901) 544-6549.

"Payment arrangements will be made available for those requesting them,” says Timothy Davis, VP of Customer Experience.

McGowen says so far a team of 10 has been working to address the backlog of bills at MLGW, and hopes to expand the team to 27 in the future.  

Just last week the team was able to complete 1,800 delayed bills. More are expected to be completed in the coming days, which will also come with a letter detailing the issues, MLGW solutions and payment arrangement information.

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