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Online schooling has parents worried children are getting too much screen time

But how much is too much?

For kids in virtual learning more screen time will be unavoidable this school year, but should parents be worried about children glued to a screen all day long? 

Let's connect the dots.

The question about screen time and kids is one most parents have to grapple with these days, and when it comes to the research there are not a lot of clear answers. 

There are some studies that say increased time in front of a screen can lead to higher rates of obesity, and preliminary research suggests it could have some effect on short term memory.

So what do the experts say? Devorah Heitner is a digital media expert who literally wrote the book on kids and screens. 

Her big takeaway is that not all screen time is created equal. 

While we may see them playing Minecraft or Roblox as time wasted playing a game, in reality, kids can learn important things about creativity on Minecraft or managing money on Roblox. 

There is also a good chance screens could play a role in their future careers so knowledge and experience with how they work could be essential.

However, experts do agree time away from the screen is important, too. As well as having honest conversations with kids about tech. 

Heitner told "salon" kids should know that content online is often designed to be addictive. And if you really want to keep the lines of communication open you might want to ask your kids how they feel about your screen time.



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