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‘Keep The Lights On’ Utility Assistance Program To Help Those Struggling To Pay Utility Bill

There’s now help for Shelby County residents struggling to pay utility bills.

There’s now help for Shelby County residents struggling to pay utility bills.

Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris announced Tuesday the $19 million “Keep the Lights On” program, a LIHEAP grant.

Those applying for the program do not need to have a cut off notice to qualify.  Depending on family income and household size, a family can receive up to $650 in assistance.

“It is far too easy for a family to fall behind on their utility bill,” says Mayor Lee Harris. “The aim of this program is to alleviate the stress on families of keeping their homes lit and heated before they receive a cut-off notice.”

“It is a misconception that you have to have a cut-off notice to receive some financial aid with your power bill,” says Dorcas Young Griffin, Director of Community Services. “We hope to get the word out that your lights can still be on to apply for the Keep the Lights on Program.”

“It is a challenge for people as they struggle to provide food for their families and pay the bills,” says Commissioner Reginald Milton. “It makes a huge impact for people to receive some assistance to provide for their children and maintain their homes.”

To qualify, Shelby County residents must complete an application and be living at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level. For example, the income for a family of four would need to be $37,650 or lower.

To schedule an appointment, the hotline, (901) 222-4299, is open every Monday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

The Shelby County Community Services Agency is also providing utility assistance to Shelby County seniors aged 65 years and older. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has provided $20,000 for this effort. Seniors can receive up to $250 for their power bill. To apply, call the CSA office at (901) 222-4200.