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Local 24 Anchor Sits With Grizzlies Commentator Sean Touhy

The name Sean Tuohy may be known nationwide from the movie, "The Blindside," but, people here in the Mid-South know him as part of ...
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The name Sean Tuohy may be known nationwide from the movie, “The Blindside,” but, people here in the Mid-South know him as part of Grizz Nation.

Meet Sean Tuohy.  He’s one of the television commentators for the Memphis Grizzlies.

“My job is really reacting to what’s on the court,” said Grizzlies Television Commentator Sean Tuohy. He’s been reacting and giving analysis on the Memphis Grizzlies players for 15 years.

“The best part is getting to know the players and coaches,” said Tuohy.

And, basketball is something Tuohy knows all too well.  The New Orleans native broke all sorts of assist records at Ole Miss.

“I was looking for a college to go to, and Ole Miss was terrible. They were 6 and 22 my senior year in high school. And, I said, ‘Man if I can’t play there, I can’t play anywhere’,” Tuohy laughed.

But, play he did, leaving his mark at the Mid-South university.  He’s one of four players in their Hall of Fame.  And, the Ole Miss practice facility bears his name.  So, it was just a natural transition to pick up the role as Grizzlies Television Commentator in Memphis.

“It’s all I’ve ever known my whole life. My dad was a basketball coach. I’m the most one dimensional human being you’ll ever meet. If you take basketball out of my life, you know, I’m nothing,” Tuohy said. “I love to go into a local business. They’ll scream about the game before or some stupid thing I said. You know, it really is a good job that’s cool, and Memphis is a cool place to do it.”

And, we’ll hear Tuohy growling or giving colorful commentary on the tube when the Beale Street Bears’ play time resumes next season.

Sean does know a little something other than basketball.  He owns 30 plus Taco Bells, KFC’s and Freddy’s restaurants in seven states. So, he’ll be busy until the Grizzlies hit the hardwood again. 

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