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Local 24 Volunteers Give Back To Local Preschool

The sound of joy; cheers and claps from Perea Preschool students. So what has them so excited?
Local 24 Volunteers Give Back To Local Preschool_20160618025204

The sound of joy; cheers and claps from Perea Preschool students. So what has the students so excited?

The children have been using Mother Earth in the past for playtime as their playground.

And now, they finally have a playground of their own at the school.

“These children are our children. This community is our community. So as we better every community, as we beautify each community, Memphis is better as a whole,” said Perea Pre-School Principal Alicia Norman.

But that’s not all the students are excited over. They now have art to adore outside on their walls and inside the school on the walls of their activity room — all thanks to Nexstar employees!

“We can’t have a company without a community to serve. And we serve the community year round in terms of the business community. And today was a real special day for us to serve another segment of this community. I think it was a great opportunity for all of our people. I think it was something everybody enjoyed and something we’ll probably do again,” said Nexstar’s Local 24 and CW 30 President and General Manager Joseph Denk.

The Nexstar employees started planting flowers at 8:00 a.m. Friday. At 11:00 a.m. more staff members were stimulating these three and four-year-old minds by reading to them.

“We have to show through our actions, not just our words, that we believe in supporting the community,” said Local 24’s Executive Producer Krista Pennie-Myers.

At noon, volunteers were serving the kids pizza and juice. And, at 1:00 p.m., employees grabbed paint brushes and created bright, colorful murals of six children with balloons.

“This day comes with great anticipation. We’ve talked about a playground now for our children, probably about five years, and to see it finally all come to fruition just makes my heart feel just overjoyed,” said Norman.

It was all in a day’s work to celebrate 20 years of Nexstar Broadcasting Group being on the air, giving back to the community it serves, but most importantly, putting smiles on children’s faces.

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