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Local Democrats Censure Veteran Memphis State Senator

State Senator Reginald Tate is a Democrat, although there are times when he votes, that see him vote on the other side. But it was his description of the Shelby...
Reginald Tate Censured

The Shelby County election is right around the corner. Early voting is going on and the August 2nd primary is not that far away. 
There are a lot of things developing.

Here’s what we’re talking about.
Tennessee State Senator Reginald Tate of Memphis has been in the State Senate since 2006.
He says he’s a Democrat, but he often votes with senate Republicans, and even jokes about it.

Tate has angered Democrats with some of his votes… votes like making it more difficult to remove confederate statues, and votes against funding Planned Parenthood.
Another of those, you know, ‘I didn’t know the microphone was on’ moments came recently, when Tate described the Shelby County Democratic Party as full of a substance that can’t be mentioned.
Obviously that didn’t go over well with local party chairman Corey Strong.

“Whether that comment was made in jest, or whether that comment was made off camera, it doesn’t matter,” Strong said. “Those are not comments that stand for us, stand for our organization. It was implicated for us to take some action to show that we, at least in Shelby County, will not stand for it.”

Tate has an opponent in the Democratic Primary, political newcomer Katrina Robinson.
That is unusual.
Tate’s punishment was a censure.
Strong told me, “In the letter that we’re sending to him, we’re asking him to kind of rehabilitate himself accordingly and behave more like a Democrat, or somebody who carries that title.”

Meanwhile early voting is going full blast. Strong and others are continuing to watch the polls. He says if something major happens and it results in a Democrat losing the election, he will probably take legal action against the Election Commission, but he doesn’t think any of his party’s candidates will lose.