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East Tennessee couple warns others about scam calls after confronting caller

Wilma and her husband Carroll decided to confront a scammer who kept calling their home, claiming they won a prize.
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KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Wilma and her husband Carrolldecided to confront a scammer who kept calling their home, claiming they won aprize.

“Right now, I’ve got about 12 to 15 calls from this oneguy,” Wilma said. “His name is supposed to be James. And, I don’t know how manycars I’ve won. Don’t have a total of how much money I’ve won.”

They couple didn’t want to reveal their last name.

They say the promise of riches is something they usuallyignore, but this time, they wanted the calls to end.

The scammer called during the interview and Wilma playsalong.

“Okay, so you want me to go to the bank, right now?” Wilmaasks the caller.

She was instructed to pick up a gift card for $150 to claimher prize.

The caller said he was near her home in Mascot and wouldpresent it to her personally.

“You won $2.5 million in a certified cashier’s check also a2019 Mercedes Benz car,” said the caller.

Wilma asked if it was a scam.

“We don’t do scams okay,” the caller said.

But, it was a scam often referred to as “advance fee fraud.”

The scammer says you’ve won a prize but have to pay a fee upfront to get it.

Wilma and Carroll never fell for it, but they’re sharingtheir story to make sure no one does.

“Their money is gone when that happens,” Wilma said.