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Father of girl attacked on I-65 describes what happened as police continue search for suspect

The search for assault suspect is still active in Franklin.

The search for a kidnapping and assault suspect is still active in Franklin.  

The victim is 16-years-old, and according to investigators, she fought off a rape attempt, Sunday night along I-65.  

The girl’s father was on his way to help his daughter when this happened. She was stranded on the side of the highway, after her car had a flat tire.  

The father told News 2 what happened has stuck with the teen victim. He says she’s scared to death and does not want to drive anymore.  

On Wednesday night, he also explained how his family is doing, and what he remembers as he got to her car to help with the flat tire. We are not showing his face to protect his daughter’s identity. 

We take things hour by hour, some hours are good, some are bad, he said. I remember, I got out of the car and went to where her car was, and I didn’t see her. I screamed out her name, and there was nothing. 

The interstate was loud. I looked around at the surroundings, screamed one more time, and that’s when I heard her, at the top of her lungs, at the bottom of the ditch, crying. 

Police say the suspect snuck up behind the girl and dragged her into that ditch, near Cool Springs Boulevard and McEwen Drive. 

The father continued to recall what he did next. 

“I just bolted down that ditch and I found her, tried to process everything, and called 911.”  

The suspect came out of the bushes. The teen girl didn’t see or hear him coming, but she managed to escape when she tripped on a tree root and then ran away.  

If you have any info or tips call Franklin Police at 615-794-2513.