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Helping families of people with disabilities

Brighter Journeys helps families cope with problems insurance won't cover, and it's looking for more to help.

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. — Going upstairs is something that many people don't give a second thought to. It's just something we do countless times a day. For 19-year-old Serena Evans of Bear Creek Township, it's a different story.

"I carried her all the time. It was a struggle," said her mother, Rebecca Frane. "I mean, she is not so much her, she's tiny, but the lengthways, bringing her up and down the steps was a struggle."

Thanks to Brighter Journeys, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people like Serena, she can now use this custom stairlift.

"It's kind of it's fun for her. Right, but it helps for both of us," added her mother.

Brighter Journeys was started by Lisa Urbanski and Bernice Sando to help families like Serena's buy things that insurance will not cover and add to the quality of life for someone with disabilities.

"We both have children with disabilities," explained co-founder Lisa Urbanski. "So we get how the struggles are, fighting with insurances to get things like that, so we wanted to put an organization together to be support, resources."

"One thing about Brighter Journeys is that it's for all disabilities. We're not just tied into one disability, and that's one thing we're proud of," added co-founder Bernice Sando. "Both our children have different disabilities. So, it's to help any child that needs it."

The organization recently received more than $100,000 in grant money from AllOne Foundation and is looking for families to help out.

"To have a company, this grant come in from AllOne was just amazing. It's such a blessing," added Sando.

She wants to pass the blessing forward with things like the stairlift that was given to Serena. Her mother will tell you means so much more than less strain on her back.

"Right, well, safety and dignity," explained Rebecca. "For her, she has her own way of getting up and down instead of me having to do it for her."

If you would like to apply for help from Brighter Journeys, you can do so online on its website by clicking here.

You can also find information there about the organization upcoming gala to further continue its mission below:

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