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Memphis Mayor Confident City Council Will Be Able To Appoint Replacements

Watching political sausage being made is not for the weak. It is not pretty, but Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland says he's not worried about all this City Coun...
Memphis Mayor Confident City Council Will Be Able To Appoint Replacements

People in Memphis love to talk, especially local politics. 
It’s true.
It’s a Memphis thing, you wouldn’t understand.
But those that do understand are just chatting away about the Memphis City Council.

Next Tuesday, the council will try, again, to select one of these two people to join them.
Lonnie Treadaway or Rhonda Logan.
They are the two finalists selected to replace City Councilman Bill Morrison, who resigned just a week ago after winning a county election in August.

Council members voted more than 100 times, trying to get the seven votes needed to one of the candidates to win.
And it was all done in the open, letting everybody see how ugly politics can be.

“You know,” says Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland, “… because of the Sunshine Law (the Tennessee Open Meeting Law), you can’t work out all this stuff behind the scenes like they do in Congress, like they do in Nashville. So that sausage-making in local government has to be done.”

Only a few council members have talked about this, publicly.
Chairman Berlin Boyd was verbally spanked by a few council members for refusing to vote at times.
He has refused to do an interview with us for a week and a half.

Mayor Strickland says “Chill.”
“Our city didn’t come to a screeching halt because they didn’t come up with a thirteenth council member. We’re still opening affordable housing, we are still paving streets, we are still hiring police officers. This will pass.”