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Memphis Mayor Gives Re-Election Speech, Even Though He Won’t Say He’s Running

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland has said he will not talk about his future political plans until late this year, or early next year. But as Local 24's Mike Mat...
Memphis Mayor Gives Re-Election Speech, Even Though He Won’t Say He’s Running

Often, we talk about all the fancy ways to communicate for politicians. But there is probably nothing better than meeting people one on one. That’s what Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland is doing.

Mayor Strickland was the main speaker at a luncheon sponsored by the F.A.C.E.S family organization and by the Emotional Fitness Centers of Tennessee.
On the menu was barbecue, and Strickland.

The Mayor admits he likes to talk about the good things going on in this city, saying, “Memphis has momentum. Things are going our way.”

He was relaxed as he could be, Mayor Jim Strickland was.
A sometimes uncomfortable public speaker, he has become a pretty smooth operator when it comes to dealing with the regular people of Memphis.

“People who come to neighborhood meetings,” the Mayor says, “… really keep up with what’s going on. They’re not always easy questions, and I don’t always have satisfactory answers.”

For somebody who hasn’t publicly said whether he will run for re-election, this sure sounded like a re-election speech.

“We were just named last week by USA today,” he told the crowd, “… as one of the top ten cities in the country for jobs. “

They applauded on this, and on something you will hear more of, if the mayor runs for re-election.

“As a community,” the Mayor said, “… we found a creative and legal way to remove divisive confederate statues from our community. (applause)”

He mentioned the accomplishments, which have been accomplished in classic Strickland style.
There are changes happening. Slow, steady changes, he says.
Good changes.

If you’ve been in Memphis for any period of time, you know that these neighborhood meetings are a critical piece of this city’s human infrastructure. They discuss what’s going on, they ask questions. Mayor Strickland says it shows to him that people care.