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Memphis Police Identify The Suspect In The Stabbing On Beale Street

Chaos erupts on Beale Street Sunday morning after someone stabbed a man.
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Chaos erupts on Beale Street Sunday morning after someone stabbed a man.  

The large fight happened in between Rum Boogie and Silky O’Sullivan’s around 2:45 a.m.  Memphis Police have arrested 30-year-old Michael Thomas as the suspect they say is responsible for the stabbing. 

Lucille Catron, Executive Director of the Beale Street Development Corporation, says she witnessed that fight and multiple other fights on Beale overnight.  Catron says fights on Beale Street are nothing new and the solution is not Beale Street Bucks but putting more officers on the street.

“It’s nothing new under the sun regarding Beale Street.  We done had crime here since 1841,” Catron explained.

Catron says she was not surprised to hear of the stabbing. She says the history of crime has been here for decades and the solution is more security. 

“We are babysitters on Beale Street to the teenagers,” Catron explained.  “This is Memphis crowned jewel that generates $50 million dollars a year.  Some of that money should come back to Beale Street. To provide security and safety for our patrons on Beale.”

Sunday morning, Memphis Police say Thomas stabbed a man during a fight.  It’s not known if Thomas and the victim knew one another. 

“Luckily the guy is going to be okay, but I’d like to have more security around or something because we are here on vacation. And we would like to feel safe,” said Pedro Rojas, who is visiting Memphis from Mexico.  

The latest stabbing comes during a debate of whether to bring Beale Street Bucks back to Memphis. 

“Maybe by you charging people, it will keep less, other people from coming out that don’t want to pay,” said Nawatha Cain, who is visiting Memphis from Baton Rouge.  

However, Catron believes charging people will not help the problem. 

 “2018, the answer is security, not charging the patrons, security,” Catron explained.

Tuesday, the Beale Street Task Force and Shelby County Commissioners will revisit the full list of security recommendations in front of the Memphis City Council.  The task force put Beale Street Bucks on the list.  Some Memphis City Council members have vocally opposed to bringing it back.  

Local 24 News will be at Tuesday’s Memphis City Council meeting and will bring you the latest developments.