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Memphis Police Need Help Finding Child Killers

Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings is wondering whether people in this city give a damn about the murders of two young children. They need your help. Local 2...
Memphis Police Need Help Finding Child Killers

If you want to see an officer acting with emotion, talk about the murder of a child.
We saw it.

Memphis Police wanted help. They need to know who was in three cars, why did they shoot up a vehicle on Monday, wounding three and killing a 10-year-old little boy.
Deputy Chief Mike Shearin said, “These three cars had what we believe are cowardly thugs who targeted those victims, female victims and children in that car.”

Now understand something. Deputy Chief Shearin is about as spit and polish an officer you will find. He rarely speaks to reporters and when he does, he deals with just official information.
Shearin couldn’t hold back here, not when talking about a 10-year-old who never had a chance to see 11.
“When it’s a 10-year-old child,” Shearin said, “… it’s a little more personal to us. Someone who hasn’t had an opportunity, who’s innocent, who had done absolutely nothing wrong. We take it personally.”

The little boys name is Richard Jordan III.
The police remember his name.
They remember the name Layla Washington, a 2-year-old girl shot and killed during the summer.
They investigate, and search, and wait.

“Sometimes,” says Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings, “… the public really steps up and provides information. Sometimes there is absolute silence. This is unacceptable.”

Mike Rallings is a native son of Memphis.
Born here, raised here, and wondering what happened to the city where people looked out for each other.
“You should do the right thing,” he said, “… because it’s the right thing. Children are being killed, what more has to happen before somebody’s motivated to take a step up.”