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Memphis Mayor feeling better during COVID isolation

Mayor Strickland, who is vaccinated, said his vaccination proves breakthrough COVID cases are much more mild and less severe compared to the unvaccinated.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland updated his condition Thursday morning as he recovers in isolation following a positive test for COVID-19 this past Friday.

Strickland, who is vaccinated, said his symptoms were at their worst Saturday but were comparable to a sinus infection, with some congestion in his nose and chest. 

"Lost my sense of smell but compared to what it could be, I'm just very thankful and I'm thankful that I got vaccinated because I think that's the number one reason I feel good," Strickland said.

The mayor said his coworkers thought he sounded congested on a Zoom call Friday, so he took a rapid and traditional COVID-19 test. 

Both came back positive.

"No one said that the vaccine or the masks are 100% guaranteed you won't get it, this disease is very infectious, so you've got to be careful but all the more reason get vaccinated because the data shows overwhelming that if you get vaccinated, you really won't get sick from it," Mayor Strickland added.

The mayor said he's not sure where he contracted the virus last week, adding he was primarily wearing a mask at press events.

Strickland's isolation ends next Monday and he plans to return to work at Memphis City Hall next Tuesday.

Strickland said none of his coworkers or family members have subsequently tested positive for COVID-19.