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“Memphis Voices for Palestine” hosts rally in downtown Memphis

Group marches in solidarity at city hall.

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — Memphians from all backgrounds came together Sunday afternoon to stand in solidarity with Palestinians, who are facing what they are characterizing as “Isreali aparthied” and “settler colonial violence.”

Hundreds took to the streets at city hall today to highlight what they are calling Israeli aggression. Organizers say they are trying to educate people about the Palestinian cause for human rights, liberation, and the right to return to their ancestral homeland.

“My family lives there, and they are a Palestinian family. They are facing eviction --expulsion-- they're being expelled from their houses so that Isreali soldiers can live in the house instead,” said Dania Helou with the group Memphis Voices for Palestine. They are also calling on a peaceful boycott of Israeli companies and companies that do business with Israel.

Sunday, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee said, “Hamas has fired over 3,100 rockets at Israeli civilians. This isn't about evictions, annexation, or two states. It's not about Palestinians or a better future. It's about Hamas wanting to terrorize Israelis, destroy Israel, and gain power for itself and its Iranian backers.”

AIPAC added, “Hamas is launching another barrage of rockets at Israeli cities. Israelis are in bomb shelters for the 7th straight day. Children. Families. Friends. Targets because they are Israeli. There is no justification for Hamas's terror.”