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'It warms my heart' | Mid-South moms band together on Facebook to help parents find baby formula

The group 'Baby Formula & Things' is now at more than 2,500 members from Memphis and beyond.

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — With the baby formula shortage intensifying across the Mid-South, area moms are helping each other and joining forces online in the fast-growing Facebook group 'Baby Formula & Things'.

Administrators of that online group understand the daily, relentless baby formula supply crunch firsthand.

"Pretty stressful. I'm constantly checking websites because my son is only 10 weeks," Malori Landers said.

"I know what that feels like as that mom that is hectic and is down to one can and is like 'What am I going to do'?" Shelby Rodgers added.

The mothers banded together on the fast growing group, which can be found HERE.

"When we are in desperate times, we all come together as a village and have each other's backs," Landers added.

The site allows parents to post pictures of the formula supply situation at area stores, sell available formula on hand at market rate, and offer solutions.

"I mean it warms my heart. We see so many great stories that are posted. It can bring tears to your eyes. It truly can and I feel like the good is in our backyard now, right next door," Landers said.

Stephanie Patino - the mother of three-month-old Silvia - launched the Facebook group a few weeks ago and it quickly grew. Now, there's more than 2,500 members from Memphis and beyond.

"I saw one in Illinois the other day, one in Jersey. We are having so many different mothers from so many different areas join our group because every area is desperate and it's just mind blowing that this is even an issue," Landers said.

Friday, a spokesperson from the Tennessee Grocers and Convenience Store Association told ABC24 he expected the formula shortage to begin easing in the weeks ahead. That's because of major production resuming soon at a critical Michigan plant, along with new formula imports arriving stateside.

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