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Mid-Southerners tell us: What are the best and worst Valentine’s Day gifts?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – Valentine’s Day is filled with love and maybe some chocolates and roses, but make sure you give your sweetheart ...

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – Valentine’s Day isfilled with love and maybe some chocolates and roses, but make sure you giveyour sweetheart something they will like. 

Local 24 News spent the day on Beale Street to find out thedos and don’ts of Valentine’s Day gifts. 

We all know relationships take time. Local 24 News askedWhitney and Michael Nalls how long they’ve been married.

“One year? No, we haven’t been married a year. Sixmonths,” said Whitney.

It is understandable. Time flies quickly. Witheach year, comes a new Valentine’s Day celebration. 

We asked, “What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you’veever gotten?”

“Her,” said Barbara Howington.

“Him,” said Scott Howington. 

They have been married for 33 years. 

“This is one of our best. He had champagne in the roomwhen we got there and chocolate-covered strawberries,” said Corky andMike Fogel, who have been married for 25 years. 

“We had a good Valentine’s Day right now. We stoppedover here at King’s Palace to get some lunch and it was fantastic,” saidRick Shever and Mark Goodman. 

They have been together for 26 and a half years. 

“We usually take a trip around Valentine’s – the beachor the city,” said Dale and Carl Ross, who have been married 25years.

Sometimes those trips can bring the worst. 

“A couple of times when we were traveling, we wouldhave tornadoes droop down around us or 18 inches of snow,” said DaleRoss. 

“Someone gave me a used teddy bear. So I had like – theguy put a used Tigger bear on my doorstep and it was dirty,” said WhitneyNalls.

Full disclaimer, it was not her husband. 

Another worst came from a high school boyfriend. 

“I hate coconut so much and he got me all thesecoconut-themed candies like tropical-themed candies. I was like, ‘I’m not goingto eat any of this’,” said Whitney Steinfeld, who has been married for 10years. 

We asked, “Was this a joke?”

Steinfeld said, “Nope, it was for real. He got me mixedup with another girl.”

Needless to say, these folks found love and celebrate itevery day. 

“I still call my husband every day at lunch just to say‘I love you’,” said Steinfeld.