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More protests expected as demonstrators fight for equality, say organizers

Local activists say continued demonstrations are needed.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Protesters say demonstrations aren't over in the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police.

In the days following Floyd's death, large crowds took to the streets across the country and here in Memphis demanding justice from police brutality, but protest leaders say there's much more to it.  

Protesters insist the wheels of justice turn slow especially when it comes to equality.  It's the very reason why local activist say continued demonstrations are needed.

Shows of solidarity posted across platforms, marches, boycotts.. all continued protests.

Activist Frank Gotti says now is not the time to let up. "Protest is not a one day thing. It's not a one week thing. King marched for weeks, for months. How are we going to change something if we don't keep telling them what we need to change," said Gotti.

We've come to know Gotti as a leader and outspoken voice in this movement for years, but he and other leaders of various protests must stand in solidarity he says.

He supports the occupation protest at City Hall for days now.

Organizer of that demonstration, Michaelantonio Jones, echoes ideas expressed by Gotti. "This is not a thing that's going to evaporate. People are still going to be protesting in the streets. People are still going to interrupting lanes of commerce," says Jones.

Jones points to the wave of evictions expected this week casting out black and brown families from their homes.

So, what are the next steps.

What happens during and after protests might not appear so obvious?

"They (people) need to vote. You can complain so much, but how are you going to complain if you don't vote. And stop voting for the wrong person. Stop voting for the person you Don't see in your neighborhood," said Gotti.

During Tuesday night's protest at City Hall, Council members J.B. Smiley and Michalyn Easter Thomas, addressed demonstrators who hope they hear their concerns and govern accordingly.

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