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MPD Director thanks parents of man shot by U.S. Marshals for asking for peace

It has been about a week since violence hit the Frayser neighborhood. It happened after a U.S. Marshals task force tried to apprehend a suspect named Brand...
MPD Director thanks parents of man shot by U.S. Marshals for asking for peace

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com)  Police have gone back to their normal level of manpower; no longer on call, no longer on edge. The situation seems to be getting a lot better according to Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings.

Let me set the stage.
He was in a quiet conference room, Mike Rallings was.
A big difference from last Wednesday, when angry crowds trashed some Memphis Police cars, some police officers, and the windows of a fire station in reaction to the shooting death of Brandon Webber.

Webber was wanted by the U.S. Marshals. As they attempted to arrest him, Webber reportedly tried to hit them with his car, a car stolen out of Mississippi by the way.
They say he got out of the car with a weapon, and Webber was shot and killed.
Residents got angry, and some got violent.

Director Rallings says, I do not think that incident represents our community. That’s why I said the people of Memphis are going to have to decide what type of community you want to live in.

Rallings says the question is one all in this city need to answer.
He is a native of Memphis, and says the people of Frayser, in his opinion, have no interest in any violence.
That includes the parents of Brandon Webber.

Rallings had a message for them.
Outside forces were calling for violence and further disruption, the Police Director said, … but you called for peace and understanding. I want you to know I appreciate that.

For the past several days, officers have been on level three. 
An increase security level, days off cancelled, every car carrying two officers.
That’s over, says Rallings.

So many of you know the Memphis Police Department is back to operating on a level one. That means we are back to our normal day-to-day operations.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations continues looking into the shooting of Webber.
The injured police officers are telling Rallings they want to get back to work.