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Neighbors Want A Stop Put To Proposed Landfill In Their Backyards

Another landfill proposed in Memphis is facing a challenge by people living nearby.
Opposed Landfill Meeting

Another landfill proposed in Memphis is facing a challenge by people living nearby.

A local company is hoping city leaders will approve plans for a post construction material landfill at Jackson Avenue and I-40.

Concerns over the Memphis water supply, health conditions and traffic through the neighborhood are why residents want the plan stopped.

People opposing the landfill met with the land owner tonight to say no to the project.

Environmentalists and neighbors in Nutbush have several problems with the proposed landfill. 

Drivers would be able to see it from the freeway making it an eyesore. 

The landfill would but up against the property of people living there.

The area where the proposed landfill would go is technically not Nutbush, but South Raleigh.

What is clear is that people living in this neighborhood want no part of a landfill.

People living on Davis Circle right next to woods and wetlands where the landfill is proposed say they have already got problems with the land.

“Medically it’s not good for me to live in this neighborhood and I’m stuck here,” said Christie Carrol. “Financially I can’t get out of this neighborhood and I’ve got a baby with breathing problems and I have breathing problems and heart problems and it just doesn’t make sense.”  

Carrol says the home she bought for $70,000 is now only worth $30,000.

A flood 4 years ago caused by a high Wolf River also keeps her on edge.

Conservation groups and residents alike fear what will go into landfill.

Bill Thomas who owns the land says only post construction material will go in the dump, but there’s wide spread concern that poor oversight will lead to contamination in the ground and the nearby Memphis Sand Aquifer.

Robbie Crosno has lived in the neighborhood since she was 4 years old.

We’re going to make a dump in my backyard. It’s not fair to us we pay our land taxes,” said Crosno.

Thomas will take his proposal before the City Council for approval next week.

Crosno and Carrol will be there with others to try and stop it.