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The Diaper Bank of the Delta is helping Mid-South moms in need

“The diaper bank is a basic need bank. To end diaper-need and period poverty," said Chelsea Presley, co-founder & Executive Director of the Diaper Bank of the Delta.

MEMPHIS, Tenn — A Mid-South organization is working to make sure new moms have the supplies they need.

“The need is great. And right now, with the cost of everything going up, it is a problem,” said Chelsea Presley, co-founder and Executive Director of the Diaper Bank of the Delta.

The Diaper Bank of the Delta opened in March 2016, and is funded by grants, insurance, private companies, and donations. They said 70% of their donations come from the public, outside of Mississippi and all over the United States.

“Prior to the diaper bank coming, they just didn’t have the money to get diapers and they would let the diapers stay on the babies for a long period of time. And then were taking dry diapers and reuse them if they could,” said Rose Huddleston, RN – a case manager for mothers.

They don’t only help Mississippians. They also help provide diapers and supplies in the delta of Arkansas and Louisiana because there is not a diaper bank there.

“The diaper bank has helped me with the diapers. There’s been days throughout certain weeks that I was like kinda concerned on how I was going to get diapers or pull-ups. But of course, they provided,” said mom Alexis Knight.

“The diaper bank is a basic need bank. To end diaper-need and period poverty. To make sure that one and three families have sufficient enough diapers to meet the needs of their babies each month here in the state of Mississippi and the delta region of Arkansas, in Louisiana,” said Presley.

The group also has what they call “diaper bank in the mail.” They will mail diapers to other counties in Mississippi.

“I case manage pregnant and parenting moms and their families. And those who have diaper needs, if they’re not, or don’t have transportation to get here to the diaper bank to receive the diapers, I will pick them up and take them to them on the day that I visit,” said Huddleston.

“We call that our diaper bank on the move. We’re disaster relief. We’re here to help. We are able to take all this you see out of these four walls and bring it to the community,” said Presley.

They also provide children’s clothing, toys, baby lotions, and personal items for the babies. Sometimes they even have baby furniture when it gets donated.

“We have diapers. We have baby wipes,” said Presley. “Menstrual products, pads, liners, tampons and sometimes we even have the menstrual cup… We also have some adult incontinence products. And we now have formula because of the formula shortage.”

The group said the need has grown so much since the COVID pandemic and their stock is down. But they are doing the best they can.

“Families can access our services once a month. So, we are here to fill in the gap. Our goal is not to meet all their needs. But to help them ease the burden of parenting,” said Presley.

Diaper Distribution in Cary,, MS at Cary Christian Center. ##diaperbankonthemove #enddiaperneed #endperiodpovery

Posted by Diaper Bank of the Delta on Friday, October 7, 2022

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