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Protest & Rally Against Immigration Ban In Downtown Memphis

Hundreds are hitting the streets of downtown Memphis Wednesday evening to rally against President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration and refuge...
“We All Belong” Protest & Rally in Downtown Memphis
Nearly 2,000 people from different races, faiths, and countries rallied in Memphis Wednesday night during the “We Belong Here” rally.
The rally focused on President Trump’s executive order for a 120-day travel ban for 7 Muslim dominated countries. 
Today’s rally was a statewide coordinated effort with similar rallies in cities like Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Knoxville. 
Wednesday’s rally in Memphis began at the historic Clayborn Temple and ended at the National Civil Rights Museum.
They marched, chanted, held signs, prayed and listened to speeches.
In the crowd was a large number of children. Including one little girl from Syria who had came to America just one year ago.
Sawsan Alhazaz explained why her family came to this country.
 “Because my dad wanted to come here to like work and we want to learn like more language, and we come here to see that beautiful country and the nice people,” said Alhazaz.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the little ones who are caught up in this immigration fight.
Middle school science teacher Ellen Bransford said she sees the worry in many of her students who come from a immigrant background. 
 “Yeah a lot of questions, a lot of unanswered questions, some tears and just a lot of fear of what the future holds,” said Bransford.  
 Although there were some concerns earlier this week that there was no permit for this rally, everything remained peaceful.  Memphis police did have a presence at the rally.