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Recent Hair Weave Thefts Turn Deadly

Four recent murders now linked to hair weaves.  Why thieves are targeting businesses and individuals who sell hair.
Recent Hair Weave Thefts Turn Deadly_20160212040411

Beauty is big business and hair is a big part of that business bringing in billions of dollars. Some people will go to great lengths to get a piece of that profit. 

At least three recent murders in Memphis have been connected to hair extensions.

Jarmelle “JoJo” Jones was an entrepreneur. His business was hair extensions.

He was shot to death during a December 2014 home invasion and robbery. His murderer still hasn’t been caught.

Just last month,  a couple was shot to death in a parked car. The woman was pregnant and the man ran an online hair weave business. Their shooter charged with first degree murder.

Then just this week a fatal shooting at a Whitehaven weave shop. The suspect is still on the run.

Why such violent deaths over hair?

Ebony Cowley is a hair stylist at Discount Wigs at American Way and Perkins in south Memphis. They sell top of the line natural Ebin hair extensions. 

“Right now, this is the best hair out right now,” said Cowley. “It lasts anywhere from six months to over a year as long as you take care of the hair.”

Quality extensions with the texture and feel of natural hair separates it from lesser strands. That’s what makes it a hot commodity for crooks.

“The price goes upon the grade,” Cowley says.

For what the stylists call the “Cadillac of weave” a bundle can cost well over $100. A box can carry 50 bundles or more.