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Rep. Steve Cohen On Speaking Out Against President Trump

There is probably no stronger Democratic stronghold in this state than the 9th Congressional District in Memphis. Congressman Steve Cohen is representing his di...
Cohen vs Trump

In Tennessee’s 9th congressional district, chances are always good the majority of people talking to their Democratic congressman are Democrats themselves.
People like Joyce Herrington, who says of Congressman Steve Cohen, “I don’t have any problems with him at all.”

That is pure Memphis music to a man who lives in a state dominated by Republicans who voted for Donald Trump, and working in the House of Representatives also dominated by Republicans who voted for Donald Trump.
“It doesn’t make my job more difficult,” says Representative Cohen (D-9th Congressional District.) “I’ve got a great district. My district supports what I do.”

Steve Cohen is sitting in the tall cotton, as folks say.
He has easily beaten people who have challenged him, even former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton.
It’s one of the reasons he has no troubles speaking out against Donald Trump and other Republicans.
Ask him about the budget just approved in the House. “The bad news is they passed a terrible budget that will cut a billion dollars from Medicaid, a half-a-billion from Medicare.”

That’s his opinion.
Others might differ, but not here.
John Sanford of Memphis says simply, “I think he’s doing an excellent job.”

He told folks attending the meeting that he wanted every document concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy available for people to see right now, he said.
Congressman Cohen even got a bit of applause when saying, “I think everything about the John F. Kennedy assassination should be released.” 

We could only find one woman who admitted voting for Donald Trump for President, and she says she now regrets her decision. She wouldn’t tell us her name, and refused to do an on camera interview. As far as her opinion of Congressman Steve Cohen, she gave him lukewarm support. “I think he’s doing, uh, ok.”