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Roughly Two Dozen People Marched To Demand Justice For Ismael Lopez

About two dozen people marched near the Southaven Police Department Thursday to demand justice for Ismael Lopez.
Roughly Two Dozen People Marched To Demand Justice For Ismae
Roughly two dozen people marched near the Southaven Police Department Thursday, to demand justice for Ismael Lopez.
Lopez was a husband and father shot and killed at his Southaven home by police in late July. Police were helping Tate County Sheriff’s Office in a domestic violence. However, an arrest warrant later confirmed police went to the wrong house.
Police said Lopez pointed a gun at them. Lopez’s family insisted he did not have a gun.
“If we allow this to stand as is and not say anything about this then bad we’re allowing for injustice to just keep occurring,” said Rolando Rostro, senior pastor at Iglesia Nueva Vida in Memphis.
Rostro said since Lopez was killed, several members in the Latino community do not feel safe in Southaven or the surrounding areas.
“A lot of anger and it just a lot of frustration with in the community and how they actually wanted to this man’s house and killed him,” said Rostro.
After marching to a busy Stateline Road, chanting “Justice for Lopez,” people who did not know Lopez explained why they were there.
“I think when something is done to one it could be done to any as our signs that say justice for one is justice for all,” said demonstrator Kay Jordan.
“It could’ve been me. It could’ve been my dad. It could’ve been my friend. So I feel like it’s important for me to be out here,” said Maria De La Rosa, who marched with the group.
“I understand the pressures of that job. I’ve been there and I’ve done that. But I think they want transparency and rightfully so,” said Harold Harris, executive chairperson for the Desoto County Democratic Party, after walking with demonstrators.
Rostro said they will continue to protest and demand justice.
“There’s so many things that just don’t correlate that do not make sense when you start adding things up. We have to stand together,” said Rostro.
The Southaven Police Department declined to comment on the demonstration.
Thursday Local Memphis learned Lopez’s preliminary autopsy was completed and sent to the District Attorney’s office. It could be months before the full autopsy report is done.