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Shelby County Mayor Candidate Sidney Chism Tells Young Folks He’ll Run If They Run

Shelby County Mayoral Candidate Sidney Chism says young folks asked him to run for the Democratic nomination. He agreed, as long as they agreed to get involved ...
Shelby County Mayor Candidate Sidney Chism Tells Young Folks He’ll Run If They Run

There’s one guy running for Shelby County Mayor that’s a veteran of polling places. He’s been involved in running campaigns and in campaigning himself. This time, he’s running for County Mayor. His name is Sidney Chism.

What does he have to say about his campaign as we head toward the primary? 

“If I am to believe the exit polling,” he says, “… then I’m ahead.”

Well, there you go. Chism is a veteran in politics, though, and he knows things don’t work that way.

He served two terms as a Shelby County Commissioner, served one year in the Tennessee State Senate, ran campaigns for former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton, not to mention being a former union negotiator.

Sidney Chism is 78-years-old, and says, age is just a number.

“Moses was 80-years-old when he led the children out of Israel.” says Chism, “… so… I’m in good health. I still hunt, I still climb trees, I still play golf.”

He still can jump up and down, he says. If you want to see that happen, just ask Chism about poverty in Memphis and Shelby County. This is his number one priority; bringing in jobs, decent paying jobs.

According to Chism, “If a person is making enough to take care of his family, then it takes him out of the range of slipping off into the abyss and going out hurting somebody or killing somebody in order to get the things they want.”

Chism wants to see a military-type school set up to provide a structured environment for troubled children in Shelby County.

He wants a trade school, for those students who aren’t going to college.

He likes neighborhood policing to fight crime.

Everybody will now wait until Tuesday, and then wait again for to votes to be counted.