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Shelby County Mayoral Candidates Differ On Early Voting Controversy

Here's a shocker. The Republican and Democrat candidates for Shelby County Mayor disagree on how to handle the early voting controversy. Local 24's Mike...
Shelby County Mayoral Candidates Differ On Early Voting Controversy

This issue is one that shows why there are two major political parties.
Republican Shelby County Election Commission members decided to change the early voting polling places.

The NAACP and the local Democratic party said the commission was intentionally trying to make it hard for African-Americans and other traditional Democratic voters to get to the polls.

Republican candidate for Shelby County mayor David Lenoir says he just has to stay focused.
“Wherever the voter locations are,” he says, “… I know the Election Commission will work through that. But wherever they (voting polls) are, it’s my job to get the message out.”

Democratic mayoral candidate Lee Harris, on the other hand, says the entire situation should never have happened in the first place, and he thinks the reason why, is what’s being said and done in Washington.

“I mean it’s so sad and so disappointing,” Harris says. “A lot of it is what’s happening on the national level is drifting down to the local level.”

Things have changed.
Lenoir talked of not participating in a debate because he didn’t like the moderator, just like how some candidates in the 2016 Presidential race felt. 
Harris says he is grateful for the NAACP getting involved saying, “Usually you could say ‘I’ll just write a letter to the Justice Department and get the Justice Department to intervene.’ No longer. We know that is unlikely to happen because of the state of affairs in Washington. It has just affected all of us.”

Another way to deal with the issue is, according to Lenoir, just hunker down and head for the goal line.
“As a former college athlete,” he says, “… I was brought up that you play anywhere, anybody at any time. My job is to get voters to the polls, to get my message out, and it’s a message I hope resonates with the voters of Shelby County.”