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Shoppers rush to grocery stores ahead of potential snow

Weekend weather worries Mid-Southerners

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — The potential for snow this weekend, on top of continued supply chain issues around the country, means shoppers are scrambling at local stores.  

From picking up premade pasta, to grabbing pita chips off shelves, shoppers are preparing for potential snow. Parking lots at grocery stores in the Mid-South were full. Inside, people were picking up items to ride out the weather.

"I’m here getting my items, paper towels and such, for the weekend in case it gets bad," said Jackie Schaeffer, a shopper.

Superlo Foods on Spottswood Ave. say they are battling with supply chain issues as well. Canned pet food and ice cream treats are among Friday's shortages. Shoppers are taking it in stride.

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"They are doing the best they can, but I found things missing everywhere I went," said Patricia O'Bryan.

Shoppers today were less worried about supply chains and more worried about the weather.

"We might and we might not [get snowfall], who knows," said Theodore Dockery, a shopper. "But if we do get it, I hope it’s not too bad." 

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"We had that big snow and right now we will see what happens," said Louis Bomar, shopper.

Much of the mid-south is expected to get snow over the weekend, although the exact location where the heaviest snowfall is expected is still up in the air. Up to three inches of snow accumulation is expected for parts of the area. 

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