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Short film showcases Memphis non-profit 'Memphis Rox'

Memphis Rox has been serving the South Memphis community since 2018.

A new film is rallying support for a Memphis non-profit aimed to help inner city youth. 

Black Diamond and Encompass Films created "Soul Deep," a short film that takes you behind the scenes of Memphis Rox.  

Memphis Rox is a local non-profit that crated a culture of encouragement for local youth. 

The organization reaches at-risk children from Soulsville Charter School by providing a rock climbing gym facility in South Memphis, Free lunch programs and a variety of activities that supports children in Memphis who would otherwise be trapped in a cycle of poverty. 

"Before Covid everyday after school we had 150 students that were registered with our after school program with Soulsville Academy and we would have a study portion for the kids that wanted to study and an active portion so you could either workout or climb, we had a climbing coach that worked with the kids," said Malik Martin, Social Media Director of Memphis Rox. 

The facility is known as a safe haven for young kids in Memphis.  To watch the short film in full click here

To learn how to support Memphis Rox, click here

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