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Snowden kindergarten class reunites 45 years later

One Memphis school class surprised their kindergarten teacher giving thanks for the field trips and experiences she showed them years ago.

MEMPHIS, Tenn — On Sunday, one Snowden School kindergarten class reunited after 45 years. The class surprised their teacher with a special reunion and shared the lessons they still carry with them.

Their teacher, Marilyn Casey Osborne, taught at Snowden for 31 years. In 1978, she taught her first class, which held 25 students. 

"It was my first job," Osborne said. "It was hard because it was my first year, but I had a real good class."

One student, Quoeda Alexander-Wallace, reflected on the firsts Osborne's class experienced in kindergarten.

"We went to the zoo, we went on the Memphis Queen--those are some of our first experiences," Alexander-Wallace said. "Seeing the Memphis bridge--we did all of that in kindergarten."

According to another student, Tahna Hale-White, the class still has a bond because they did not just go to school together, but they also grew up together.

"Human relationships are so important." Alexander-Wallace said. "We think we can make it through without friends, family, or the human touch, but it is so important that you do have that connection and you do value human life."


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