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Southaven man warns drivers of person posing as police officer

Southaven Police Department is investigating after responding to a call of a man impersonating an officer.

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. (localmemphis.com) – Southaven Police Department is investigating after responding to a call of a man impersonating an officer.

On Sunday, Justin Pilgrim was traveling near the Goodman Road and Swinnea intersection when a white car with flashing lights pulled him over.

“He said ‘get the f***out of your truck’ and at that time because the car didn’t seem typical and because his uniform didn’t seem typical from what I’m accustomed to seeing from Southaven Police Department, I drove off,”  recounted Pilgrim.

He then phoned 911.

“(I’m) asking them if it’s a real cop, or is it not? Because it doesn’t seem like it,” Pilgrim asked a 911 dispatcher.

The victim says the dispatcher replied “no,” and that the car with flashing green lights was not a Southaven officer. While he was being instructed to head toward the Southaven Police Department, the car kept pursuing, trying to pass him and swerving near his car. 

“I told her he had already gotten out of his vehicle once, if he keeps being aggressive, and gets out of his vehicle again and I’m at a stop light or stop sign that I would shoot him,”  warned Pilgrim.

He said he could breathe a sigh of relief when real Southaven police officers met him on Stateline Road. It’s there he learned one heard about the impersonating officer. 

“The police officer that I spoke to said they knew of him and that he was firm with him, but that if it happened again he would go to jail.” 

Pilgrim says he wasn’t asked if he wanted to press charges. However, he said if asked, the answer would be no. 

“Anything that is directed at him is not a decision to be made by me, that should be something done by the Southaven Police Department.” 

Southaven police released the following statement:

“The Southaven Police Department is aware of the situation and is investigating. The suspect was not arrested since the victim chose not to file charges. The Southaven Police Department encourages people to call 911 if they truly feel they are being pulled over by someone impersonating a police officer.”