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Special Report: Claim Your Cash

Either you or someone you know could be owed a portion of $109 million dollars of unclaimed money from the Tennessee Department of Treasury.
Special Report: Claim Your Cash

Each year, businesses and organizations who cannot locate the owners of unclaimed wages, refunds, and bank accounts turn this money over to the state of Tennessee.

Searching for it is easy. 

From Shelby Farms Park to 201 Poplar, Whitehaven, Bartlett, Raleigh, Collierville, East Memphis, Cordova and Lakeland, we covered a lot of ground and knocked on a lot of doors. 

No answer. 
We have to admit, we did not believe it would be this hard to convince people to check whether they were entitled to unclaimed money.

Unclaimed Money across Tennessee

There is a lot of unclaimed money in Shelby county– $109 million dollars. 
There’s more than 248,000 shares of stock turned over to the state of Tennessee by businesses and organizations who cannot locate the owners. 
There are 938,000 potential claims– that’s the number of people and businesses on the list— about 1 in 5 people.

Randy Hutchinson with the Better Business Bureau said, it’s legit. 

“Yes, we found out the Better Business Bureau had $2000 in unclaimed property,” said Hutchinson. “Really don’t know where the money came from or how long the state of Tennessee had it, but I followed the procedures, filed the claim and we go the $2000 back.” 

Brenda Hughes figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. Her efforts— paid off. 
We found money for Ailon Malone at 201 Poplar.
Schools, churches and businesses were also on the list. We met face to face with leaders with Lausanne school, where school leaders were on the list for several claims. 

You can find out if you have unclaimed money coming your way.
It takes seconds, and it’s free to check.

You can search the Tennessee unclaimed property site HERE.
Check Arkansas HERE.
Check Mississippi HERE.

The sites require you to enter your first and/or last name or business name. 
There’s no cost to search for information. 

If you’ve lived in multiple states, you can also search your name HERE

If any site requires you to pay upfront to receive your unclaimed funds, it’s a scam.