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Teachers Hear From Democratic Candidate For Shelby County Mayor

His name is Lee Harris, currently a State Senator from Memphis. He wants to be the Mayor of Shelby County, and as Local 24's Mike Matthews tells us, he'...
Teachers Hear From Democratic Candidate For Shelby County Mayor

Elections make candidates friendly.
Groups that normally would be overlooked, get a lot of attention, because every vote is important.
Although in this case, education could be, behind crime, the most important issue in Shelby County.

Just ask 14-year-old Luna Davis who is about to enter the 9th grade.
“I have a reading comprehension issue,” Luna says. “So, when I am learning it is very serious for me to get good teachers listening, and to understand.”

She’s the story.
Politicians promise this, say they’re going to do that, but when it comes to education, there are a lot of children out there who want to learn.

Lee Harris is the Democrat running for Shelby County Mayor.
“I’ve got three kids,” he says, “one newborn, and 2 school age kids, and both of my school age kids are in the public school system. My parents were school teachers for most of their careers. I’m an educator myself at the University of Memphis, where I’ve been teaching for 14 years.” 

Most of these teachers have already heard from Republican Mayoral Candidate David Lenoir.
Now it’s Lee Harris’s turn.
He is pushing for vocational technology schools, paying for pre-kindergarten, and fixing up the schools.

“We’ve got kids in buildings with leaky roofs,” Harris says, “… HVAC doesn’t work, classrooms are too hot or too cold, they can’t focus on learning. We’ve got a lot of challenges to address.”

About 75 teachers listened to Harris talk about education.
“He said a lot of things,” according to Nikki Wallace. “I would like to hear more about specific plans for the school system.

High School teacher Ryan Dixon says, “I do appreciate his focus on public schools, and even his awareness of how funds were used throughout the area.” 

Early voting starts Friday, July 13th.  Election Day is August 2nd.