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Opinion | Special session on public safety 'more of a public disservice'

"The senate thumbed its collective nose at Lee's legislative wishlist, and legislative leaders basically told protestors to get lost," says analyst Otis Sanford.

Otis Sanford reporting:

Barring a major league turnaround, the special legislative session to deal with public safety will turn out to be more of a public disservice. 

The Tennessee Senate passed three or four meaningless bills — including one that provides free gun locks to citizens. This is something the state is already doing.

The house wasn't any better. The Republican supermajority pushed through more bills than the senate, but not one of them addresses gun reform in any way. Both chambers have adjourned until Monday, but don't bet on anything of substance happening then. 

All we will end up with are frustrated Tennesseans who showed up in Nashville to demand action on guns and public safety, and let's not forget that taxpayers will foot the enormous bill for a special session that is not special at all.

This has to be a colossal embarrassment for governor Bill Lee, who called lawmakers back to the capitol. The senate basically thumbed its collective nose at Lee's legislative wishlist and legislative leaders basically told protestors to get lost. 

The governor issued a statement saying he's confident that both chambers can work together, but it's not happening, and Lee is looking like a weak leader. 

Maybe the weekend away from the capitol will cause some lawmakers to change their minds and do their jobs, but if I were you, I would not count on it. 

I'm Otis Sanford, and that's my point of view.  

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