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TVA Promises To Improve Relations With Memphis Light, Gas and Water

There are several studies that indicate if MLGW purchased electricity from a company other than TVA, they could save tens of millions of dollars. An advisory co...
TVA Promises To Improve Relations With Memphis Light, Gas and Water

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – Memphis Light, Gas and Water’s Advisory Committee heard from the 800-pound gorilla in the room. 
The Tennessee Valley Authority is what they talk about, so at this meeting, that’s who they heard from.

Members heard from the new head of the TVA, Jeff Lyash.
He told the committee TVA and Memphis have been great partners, that the TVA will pay more attention to this city.
Basically an hour long presentation that boiled down to, Hey Memphis, do you like me?

MLGW Chief J.T. Young says, “I think we have a lot of people that want to tell somebody else’s story and I think it is really important that we hear from the source. What they deliver, what they do, and the challenges they face.”

Lyash says his company can do better.
And yes, maybe they have taken Memphis for granted.

“We’re focused on this because this is how TVA should be doing business,” he said. “I must admit, Memphis feedback in their view of TVA made us examine this closely and what it showed us is we have gaps we’ve got to close.”

Advisory board member Eddie Jones says it was a sales job by TVA.
He’s not upset over it.
“If I were in their shoes,” Jones said, “… I’d be doing the same thing.”

Memphis City Councilman Worth Morgan was watching, saying all this TVA love is not a coincidence.
When asked if all this “TVA-ttention” was because there were some who were talking about buying electricity from another provider, Morgan said “I think so. We heard from their CEO (Lyash) who says he’s been here three times in his first five weeks on the job.”

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