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Two Men Charged After Road Rage Incident Leads To Shooting In Mid-Town

Two men, including an Uber Eats driver, are facing charges after a road rage incident turns into gunfire.

Two men, including an Uber Eats driver, are facing charges after a road rage incident turns into gunfire. 

Memphis Police say the shooting happened just before 8:00 p.m. in front of the Family Dollar on North Avalon.  However, Memphis Police had Madison Avenue shut down between Auburndale and Evergreen in both directions because of the shooting. 

Police arrested Erik Greer and Demarcus Menzie Saturday night after the shooting.  The stories differ from each suspect as to what exactly happened. 

Greer told investigators he was delivering an Uber Eats order when Demarcus Menzie pulled out from a side street on Madison Avenue and almost hit him. 

Greer says he and Menzie exchanged glances and seconds later Menzie caught up with him on Madison and pointed a gun.  Greer says he feared for his life and started firing shots. 

“I heard the guy said he felt threatened. He was in a vehicle he should have drove off, that’s basic remove yourself from a situation before you engage someone,” said Dan Wood, who lives nearby where the shooting happened. “I’m sure it took both parties to be involved, to both act stupid, they both could have driven away.”

Memphis Police say Menzie was hit in his arm by gunfire.  Menzie told police a different story. He says Greer wanted to get over into his lane and when he refused, that’s when he says he was shot.  Menzie drove himself to Regional One and is expected to be okay. 

“That’s kind of ridiculous, over road rage, you gonna shoot each other, it’s going beyond now,” said Angelo Rossi, who works at Frida’s nearby. 

Rossi captured some of the chaos on his cell phone Saturday night, as gunshots could be heard by dozens of people who were out and about. 

“Seen a lot of blue lights, heard a lot of commotion, so we walked out to our patio upstairs seen what was going on, we seen about 20-30 police cars blocking the road,” Rossi said. 

Memphis Police say Menzie was also armed with a handgun. Police say the handgun Menzie had on him was stolen in a vehicle burglary on Oct. 24, 2017. Both men are due in court Monday morning.  Greer faces Reckless Endangerment with a deadly weapon.  Menzie faces aggravated assault, theft of property of $1,000 or less and unlawful possession of a weapon.