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Is your water coming out brown? Here's why | Memphians enter day six of the water crisis

According to MLGW, the rust colored water that some see is caused by iron in the system. Although this may look alarming, MLGW said the rusty water is not harmful.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —
While several Memphis Light Gas and Water (MLGW) customers are still left without access to running water or continue to fight low water pressure, some customers woke up on day six of the water crisis to brown, rusty colored water running from their faucets.

Memphians have been battling water issues caused by the Artic Blast that hit Shelby County since Thursday, Dec. 22, and rusty colored water was not exactly what MLGW customers would have liked to see.

According to MLGW, the rust colored water that you may see is caused by iron in the system. Although this may look alarming, MLGW said the discolored water is not harmful. 

MLGW said despite the discoloration, the rust colored water is safe for showering and bathing. However, customers should not drink the water.

If your water comes out of the faucet with a rusty color when you turn your water on, MLGW said you should run the water until it clears before boiling the water for drinking. 

Once the water looks clear, prepare the water for drinking by filling a pot and then boiling the water for at least three minutes.

MLGW said in a press release that customers who do not have water should see their water services returning, and those who have had issues with low water pressure should see the water pressure increase by the hour throughout the day.

According to the utility company, pressure is building up in the water system. 

MLGW's CEO and President Doug McGowen said he believes the company is headed in the right direction as it works to recover from what MLGW called a "water distribution crisis". 

MLGW said workers have repaired 31 water main breaks, and they are working on eight more.

Tuesday, Dec. 27, MLGW reported that water had been secured for 2,248 residential and commercial customers and that they would be working to restore water services for 200 more customers throughout the night.  

The company also said that as of Tuesday, it had given out 2,600 cases of bottled water to those in need. That number has increased since the company offered two more water giveaways Wednesday, Dec. 28.

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