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“Wings Of Rescue” Gives Local Animals New Lives

Dozens of Mid-South animals are getting a second chance thanks to the non-profit group Wings of Rescue.
Wings of Rescue

Dozens of Mid-South animals are getting a second chance thanks to the non-profit group Wings of Rescue.

It’s no secret that Mid-South animal shelters continue to be overcrowded and many cats and dogs are euthanized to free up space. Non-profit Wings of Rescue is an answered prayer for animal shelters all across the Mid-South. A mercy mission of sorts.

Kerry Facello, director of West Memphis Animal Services, said, “It’s lifesaving transport. Just from our shelter alone over forty pets will find forever homes in a really, really, short period of time, once they reach their destination.”

Wings of Rescue, founded and run by pilots, focuses on moving homeless pets to no kill shelters around the country, where they have a better chance of being adopted.

“What’s amazing is there are homes waiting for these pets. We’ve gotten two phone calls today from shelters who are, believe it or not, completely empty of dogs,” said Ric Browde with Wings Of Rescue.

Wings of Rescue spent part of Tuesday at West Memphis Animal Services, preparing pets for the trip. Nearly a hundred dogs and cats will be rescued from shelters in Memphis, West Memphis, and North Mississippi and flown to Boise, Idaho.

Overcrowding isn’t a problem out west. Pets typically spend two to three days in a shelter before they’re adopted. Browde said, “A lot of the dogs you’re seeing here today are pre-adopted. They will not even step in a shelter.”

Shelters like West Memphis get more than a hundred stray pets every month. But there’s only so much space.

“Comfortably I can house 34, 36 dogs. 26 cats. But that’s never the number we maintain. We’re always over capacity,” said Facello.

Arkansas law says a pet that isn’t claimed or adopted within six days can be euthanized. This flight to freedom gives pets a real chance to find a forever family.

“We invest time, energy, love. We want them to go on and have a great, great life,” said Facello.

Wings of Rescue will board the plane with pets at Memphis International Airport around 8:30 Wednesday morning.

Their next Mid-South rescue mission is scheduled for Valentine’s Day February 14th.

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