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Winter weather threat for Memphis metro area

Winter weather is likely Tuesday for the entire Memphis metro area but, accumulation is not very likely.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – UPDATE 6:30 a.m.: The transition to sleet and snow came right on schedule around 6:00 a.m. and will continue through the afternoon and early evening as this system moves southeast.

Most of us should not expect any kind of accumulation, but the Oxford area may see a light dusting on elevated surfaces.

What we all will see is a major drop in temperatures. You will feel the difference Tuesday with temps in the upper 30s.

With Monday’s temp in the upper 60s, the ground is just too warm to see anything stick.

Tuesday night, winds aren’t very strong so some moisture may linger on bridges and overpasses. With overnight lows in the 20s that will be something to watch.

12-10 – wx 2


12/10/2019 5:00 a.m.: We are still expecting a wintry mix to begin later Tuesday morning starting north of the I-40 corridor and then slowly shift southward through the afternoon hours as a rain/snow mix.

With a wet, warm ground and temperatures staying in the low to mid 30s, accumulations will be confined to grassy surfaces. 


12/9/2019 – Winter weather is likely Tuesday for the entire Memphis metro area but, accumulation is not very likely.

That’s thanks to a few things. Monday we will be very warm, near 70 degrees, with cloudy skies and low chances for rain. This will keep them ground nice and warm. The next factor is how fast the cold air moves in. Right now it looks like Tuesday we will spend most of the day around the mid to upper 30s. This will keep our accumulation down as well. Right now we are looking at less than half an inch for most people. If that air moves in faster we are talking significant snowfall, but for now, no worries. Monday is a day to prepare.

One thing we know for certain and that’s it’s about to be COLD. So, take today to prepare the 4 Ps: Pets, Pipes, People, Plants. While you’re preparing, secure your decorations because it will be very windy today with gusts near 30mph and sustained winds 10-20mph.

We will watch for any changes to the forecast that could impact the accumulation but right now we are expecting to see the sleet/snow switch over around 4am Tuesday and continue through about 7pm when it exits the area.