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Work Continues For Big Election In Shelby County

It's like a big pot of government stew. You will vote on candidates in the Tennessee and Federal primaries, and in City and County elections. Buckle your se...
Work Continues For Big Election In Shelby County

Deadlines are approaching.
The regular election is August 2nd, and you have to register by next Tuesday to be eligible to vote.
At least 1,200 people have already done that.
They will need patience.

“It’s a big primary ballot,” says Shelby County Election Supervisor Linda Phillips, “… but there’s a Shelby County referendum question that is kind of complicated, so I am hoping people have read it before they get to the voting machines, so they will know what they are voting on.”

She’s not joking. It is complicated.
According to Phillips, “It is the question that the Shelby County Commission wanted placed on the ballot about whether or not salaries should, for charter or elected offices, be tied to state law.”

If you can get by that, on July 11th, you folks will get a chance to inspect the voting machines.
One reason is, it’s state law.

Phillips has another reason. “I want people to come see the machines and see that they have no votes on them,” she says.

Shelby County elections officials still have credibility problems.
They date back decades, even before officials miraculously found a box of about 130 lost votes that resulted in Willie Herenton becoming the first African-American mayor in Memphis history.
It is why they work hard to get enough poll workers to do the job.
The pay is $190.

“We always have difficult challenges finding Republicans who will come into Memphis precincts,” Phillips says. “We have plenty of Democratic poll workers. We are desperately looking for Republicans.”

If you need to register to vote, CLICK HERE for information.