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As memorial honoring Young Dolph grows in Memphis, so does the dedication to improve and organize the tribute

One Memphian is making it his daily duty to maintain and improve the growing memorial for Young Dolph outside the store he died at in November.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — On Airways Boulevard in Memphis, a tribute continues to grow where rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed.

That memorial honors the life the rapper lived and his hometown Memphis community he represented.

For one man, the memorial is a daily labor of love for Dolph's fans locally and across the country.

We caught up Jeremiah Taylor on Friday, with a spray paint bottle or staple gun in hand at the memorial at Makeda's Cookies, where Dolph died on November 17.

It's growing in size and significance, with fans sharing fellowship.

"(Young Dolph) was a legend, he was a king, so this stuff deserves to be treated as such," Taylor said.

Taylor's persistence is personal.

He, like Dolph, grew up in the Castalia Heights neighborhood, went to Hamilton High and met the rapper several times. 

"It was very hard for me, it started out with me trying to get out a rut, this really put me in a bad situation, mentally or whatever so just for my mental health, let me start doing something positive," Taylor added.

Starting about three days after Dolph's death inside Makeda's Cookies on Airways Boulevard, outside the store, Taylor, along with local activist Frank Gottie, make daily trips to organize, beautify and freshen up the growing tribute.

"We want people to know, people around the world to know, we care about Dolph, we are not going to have this stuff looking any type way," Taylor said.

As of Friday, thousands of well wishers signed their names and expressed their feelings about Dolph's life and legacy.

"The love he had, a lot of people are realizing it now seeing, you know, seeing how he took care of the community, as a philanthropist, and really promoting financial independency and the morals that he taught," Taylor said.

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