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Ballot set for October 3rd City of Memphis election

Memphis City elections can be sort of like a Grimm’s Fairy Tale. With the emphasis on the grim.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – Hi-ho, hi-ho. It’s election time you know. With Jim and Tami,Willie too; hi-ho, hi-ho.

MemphisCity elections can be sort of like a Grimm’s Fairy Tale. With the emphasis onthe grim.

Butthis year, the list of candidates is about the same as always. All of themgathered by an overworked staff loaded with part-timers.

“That’sjust not very efficient,” admits Shelby County Election Administrator LindaPhillips. “By the time we get them trained, the elections are over. So we’reworking on a plan to reduce temporary labor in elections and have more full-timeemployees.”

Getready for runoff elections. There are four City Council single districts wheretwo or more candidates are running. If no candidate gets more than 50% of thevote, there are runoffs.

Someof the people running for office probably didn’t know that.

“Weactually hold an informational meeting for our candidates,” Phillips says. “Thereare a lot of things that they may or may not know about our processes, so wetalk about how they get poll watchers, and when public tests are, in case theywant to come and watch those.”

Oneperson who will not be on the ballot is Pamela Moses. She hasn’t had her rightsreinstated after being convicted of tampering with among other things evidence,perjury, and stalking.

LeoArGoWhat made the list, even after admitting he vandalized the old statue ofGeneral Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Robert“Prince Mongo” Hodges will also be on the ballot.

Allof them having the honor of being on the last election ballot on the old votingmachines.

Accordingto Phillips, “The new election equipment will be more efficient because, welljust for some technical reasons, it just takes less time to do logic andaccuracy testing on it.”